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Our department currently staffs 15 full-time faculty members (6 professors, 6 associate professors, 3 assistant professors) and 30 part-time faculty members, who are all academic professionals and are enthusiastic about teaching.


Title Name Specific Sports Training e-mail
Professors Lin, Chi-Chuan Softball lincal53@utaipei.edu.tw
Professors Tsai,Yi-Ming Hockey ytsai1202@utaipei.edu.tw
Professors WANG, PIN TAI Handball tai@utaipei.edu.tw
Professors kao ying-chieh Baseball kao@utaipei.edu.tw
Professors Fang, Tung-Hsien SoftTennis hsien@utaipei.edu.tw
Professors Li-Chuan Hsieh Tennis shieh@utaipei.edu.tw
Assoceate Professors Lee Yi-Hua Basketball lykllyy@utaipei.edu.tw
Professors kun-fu liao Badminton kun-fu@utaipei.edu.tw
Assoceate Professors Chien-Li Chen Table tennis jiannli@utaipei.edu.tw
Assoceate Professors HE,GUO-LONG Tennis hokl@utaipei.edu.tw
Assoceate Professors JHANG,WU-NIE Soccer soccer@utaipei.edu.tw
Assistant Professors Chou, Miao Ling Bowling lidia@utaipei.edu.tw
Assistant Professors CHEN,JYUN-LIANG Volleyball bill@utaipei.edu.tw
Assistant Professors Lee, Chi-Wei Softball wei@utaipei.edu.tw 
Teaching assistant HUANG,YONG-JIE Swimming taco@utaipei.edu.tw
Teaching assistant Huang,Mei-LUN   may@utaipei.edu.tw